The New TRAKK app from Pulse Fitness provides unrivalled member fitness tracking and programming, retention benefits and additional revenue stream possibilities.

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The ultimate member experience; TRAKK is a feature-rich, user-friendly, personal training app designed to track workout activity.

Connected to cutting-edge Pulse Fitness equipment, TRAKK automatically tracks distance, speed, heart rate, weight lifted and calories burned. Accessible at your fingertips. TRAKK also works without Pulse equipment meaning you can use this app to log your workouts wherever you are.

Designed from the ground up this should help you get to where you need to go.

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TRAKK is great for any weightlifting training program. Log each exercise, rep, set and keep track of your progress to see how your monthly performance improves over time. No more writing in the gym!

Workout planning
Save and create your training routines in a quick easy way so you can get down to the training.

Easily view your daily performance history and automatically update each routine with smart tracking of your latest weights and reps.


Workouts - create and save your own workouts.

Tracking - update your weights and reps as you go.

Interval Timer - starts a timer to the next set.

History - accurately track your workout results.

Instructions - how-to’s on every exercise.

Templates - save your favourite workouts.

Integrations - you can use Apple Health or Google Fit.

Goals - create and save your goals.

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